Jul 052012

mt Batur from Alengkong

Trekking path to Alengkong

at Alengkong, mt Batur on the background

mt abang taken from above songan village

Apr 202011

Gunung Rinjani – one of the most challenging volcanoes in Indonesia.
Photo by Neils Photography

Over 120 of the world’s active volcanoes can be found dotted around Indonesia, often with settlements clinging precariously close to the smoldering rims.

With frequent volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, Indonesia has the daunting honor of being the world’s most geologically tumultuous country. Indonesia’s position between the Eurasian and Indo-Australian tectonic plates has resulted in scores of volcanoes – both active and dormant – that dominate the horizon.

Visitors to Indonesia have many opportunities to climb active volcanoes. While often challenging, the views from the summit and the thrill of knowing what is going on beneath the surface will have you falling in love with every menacing, foul-smelling caldera. Continue reading »