Dec 032010

Mountain-climbing can be an amazing or a nightmarish experience, depending on the person. Being naturally clumsy and having an aversion to exercise (although blessed with good metabolism), I had long tended to subscribe to the latter view.

A sight to behold! Climbing Mount Kinabalu is, for many, a spiritual experience.

Strangely, however, when presented with the opportunity to scale Borneo’s tallest mountain, I jumped at the chance. If there was any peak with the power to make me a believer, it would have to be Mount Kinabalu.

Known as Gunung Kinabalu in Malay, it stands a daunting 13,435 feet – that’s 4,095 metres – above sea level. The national park which shares its name is home to almost 5,000 species of plants, birds and mammals and has been listed by Unesco as a World Heritage site.

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